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Joey Armstrong

Paula Astl


Paula is the creator and owner of "The FIX" and has been involved in the sports & fitness industry for decades.  Today, she utilizes her  knowledge & experience to help others reach their goals.  After years of playing competitive sports, peaking as a Divison I collegiate athlete at the Unviersity of Connecticut (UCONN) she has continued training both as an athlete and as an instructor, learning and continuously gaining experience.  Even today, her continuous craving for fitness knowledge hasn't wavered....in her own words, it's about "seeking ways to maintain strength, build a strong core, reach and maintain a healthy weight & enjoy life all at the same time... not only now but into your 60s, 70's and beyond." 

Paula founded her personal training program in 2013.  Her approach to fitness is both unique and compelling, focusing on functional training, and one's personal commitment to exercise as well as a lifestyle that ensures health and happiness. This approach has been extremely useful and effective in helping many clients obtain goals, such as weight loss, gaining strength, increasing balance and flexibility... to running marathons, and/or increasing speed or power for a particular sport. 


Paula is a nationally certified personal trainer through ACE, and is currently working on becoming a Nutrition Specialist through ACE.